My Story

   I was born in Bulgaria in 1971.  Bulgaria is a beautiful country with a lot of history. Unfortunately, it was under communist regime, so we had a lot of poverty.  As a child, you don’t really pay attention to that as long as you have food and a loving family.  I was always happy to go out and play with my younger brother, Teodor.  But I must say that I was a bit of a tomboy because my family did not have the resources to buy me dolls or girly toys.  So, I was always eager to do something new and explore everything out of the box.
   When I was 11 my mom went to a medium at a psychic convention.  She came back from the convention with a couple of friends who had abilities that I couldn’t explain at the time.     They performed an energy healing on me, and I almost started to faint, but when all of them surrounded me in a circle and moved their hands in a strange motion, I was immediately fine.  Then my mom told me that I can talk to the spirits if I take a pen and try to write with them.  The only instruction she gave me was to be in a quiet place and let go of my thoughts. "Just let the pen go by itself," she said. 
   In the beginning, my writing was slow, and nothing much really happened the way I thought it would.  Then, to my amazement,  I saw letters, words and sentences.  In time, I was automatically writing with different beings from a different place.  If I had a question I was given suggestions.  It was almost like they were always guiding me to be good.  I also started to have vivid dreams about relatives which all came true.  That was the beginning of my journey in the metaphysical world.
   In 1993, I arrived in America, and it was one of the happiest days of my life.  I worked very hard and eventually got married to my loving husband, Robert, with whom we have two boys.  My automatic writing never stopped, and I was channeling with loved ones.   They were always telling me to love people, to be kind and forgiving.  In the meantime, I had a lot of interest in homeopathic medicine and was reading about physics all the time.  I don't know why, but I always had an interest in it.
The rest of my story is in my book...


How my sessions work:

Live Channeled Session Over Skype - 30 minutes

 - The session can be web cam or just audio. 


In this session you will be able to talk to a higher consciousness and guides that will answer questions that you may have about detox, life, person problems or anything about the quantum field of existence. 


If you're a scientist please feel free to ask any questions regarding your personal work or about my book: The Harmonic Reactor.



"Marina Jacobi is a refreshing gulp of clarity among all the new age information available out there, including information on quantum physics. I've been interested and reading about this subject in New Scientist, and attended Brian Cox's public lecture on quantum reality years ago. All I learned back then was that we can exist at multiple places at the same time. However there was no further practical guidance as to what is really the point/practical benefit of this quantum reality. It all sounded as an exciting topic, but way too complicated for a lay man to grasp. So Marina's strength is simplification of this complex subject. In her book she provides a step by step guidance to experience what quantum reality is really all about, and i'm exciting to explore it. At the same time, Marina is also a fun person to talk to. She was spot on on what was going on in my life before I even asked her. I definitely recommend anyone who feels lost or ill to talk to her."