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(Example: Landing Page For Event)

The first thing you need to do is register for the event. (Please Read Everything)

  • Click on the Airmeet Registration Link button below to reach Marina's Landing Page. This page will display the event details like title, date, time description, etc. (See example above)

  • Click on the “Register for this event” button. You’ll be requested to login using your email or via LinkedIn/Google/Facebook/Twitter etc... 

  • Upon sign up, you will then have to confirm your details. Provide your name, email, and location details so everyone can get to know a little about you.

  • Select “Next” to go to the following screen to check all your details. If things are good, select “continue,” and you’re in!

  • Don’t forget to block your calendar by clicking on “Add this to my calendar.”



Registering twice or using several emails takes away from allowing others to register.

This Event Link Will Take You To Register For The Live Webinar. After Registering You Will Be Good For All Live Webinars Going Forward.

Quick Tips

For a flawless visualizing experience on Airmeet, do keep the following in mind:

  • Use a Laptop and Google Chrome to join.

  • Have a stable and good internet connection

  • If you have difficulty seeing the speaker’s feed, refresh the page/restart browser, and ensure that you close any other video conferencing tool you may have used recently.

IOS App & Android App

Airmeet can be accessed on a mobile browser. However, few Airmeet features cannot be accessed on mobile. Therefore, we suggest using a laptop/desktop for the best experience.

Access Airmeet via Mobile Application & Mobile Browsers. iPhone & Android application for Attendees is available on the iOS app store & play store to experience the live session.

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  • Ask a question:  You can use the questions section on the RHS to ask questions. We recommend you use this section to ask a question instead of using the general chat. You can also

  • React with Emojis: You can quickly react and offer motivation or applause to the speaker using emojis.

  • Chat: This can be public event chat or direct/private chat. All the participants can view the general chat. To have a private chat with a particular participant, hover over their display image on the “Attendees” section in the RHS or a message they have posted—from the hamburger menu, select “Direct message.” Any participant can choose to “Accept” or “Decline” the request for a private chat.

  • Report a message: If you come across a message with objectionable content, you can report it to the host.

Marina's Live Saturday Webinar's Will Be 1 Hour Long.

Please Submit Questions Under The Q & A Mode In The Webinar Chat Room. One Question Per Webinar Please And NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS. 

Marina Will Always Begin Her Webinars With Insight From Her Guides. Each Webinar Will Have A New Topic. 

Question & Answers Will Take Place At The End Of Each Webinar 

A Replay Of The Current Live Webinar Will Be Available For Viewing Later That Day Via A Link On Marina's Facebook Page, Youtube Channel And If You Subscribe To Her Personal Website

You Will Receive An Email Notification. 

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