Schedual A  1/2 hour Channeling Session With Me Via Skype


In your  half hour session you will be able to talk to a higher consciousness and my guides that will answer questions that you may have about detox, life, person problems or anything about the quantum field of existence. 

You can use the contact form below to schedule  your session.


If you're a scientist please feel free to ask any questions regarding your personal work or about my book: The Harmonic Reactor.

You can have your Skype channeling session over a landline, smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. (Audio or Webcam)

If You Wish To Leave A Donation For Your Session Please Click The Donate Button Below.

Your Donation Is Much Appreciated. Thank You.

I would love to hear your feedback and experience from your session. 

Marina Jacobi

Office: 1-732-630-7476

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